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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Homebuilt Wind Generator Power

Homebuilt Wind Generator Power

Homebuilt wind generator power could soon become more common in the household of Americans, Canadians, Australians and different parts of the world. Oil supplies are scarce and the world is in the midst of an energy crisis. Prices of fossil fuels have been fluctuating and governments across the world including US are not able to rein in and control that. At the end of the day, it is the average family who suffers.

Against such a setting with the looming concerns of environmental harms of burning fossil fuels, many environmentalists are also advocating homes to tap into renewable energy, or what people call green energy. Homebuilt wind generator power is one such source of energy and is catching up in Canada where millions of residents are now tapping into this resource to run their homes, farms and even small businesses.

Advantages of using homebuilt wind generator power

1. It is clean and green, ie environmentally friendly.

2. It is renewable. Since winds are responsible to provide such energy, there is no limit to it and this resource will never be depleted.

3. It is free. We definitely do not have to be held ransom again by oil companies and power utility companies which very much dictate the prices we have to pay.

What is needed to product homebuilt wind generator power

1. An unobstructed area where we can place our wind turbine. Depending on the size of the clear space, we have to adjust the size of the wind turbine accordingly.

2. Wind speeds of at least 10 mph (miles per hour)

3. A step-by-step instruction manual/guide that teaches us how to assemble the wind turbine.

If you are keen to create your own homebuilt wind generator power, read our next post as we share about our findings on the dozen of guides we found that teaches users how to assemble their wind generator/wind turbine.

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